Airbnb’s new ‘Animal Experiences’ let you paddleboard with a Corgi

‘Check out the article from Fast Company mentioning Mr. Beaches!

Have you ever wanted to paddleboard with a corgi in Florida’s pristine waters? Or skateboard with a bulldog in Lima? Or hang with alpacas in Denver? Or kayak near penguins in Cape Town? Or meet the arctic foxesof Iceland? Or learn about urban beekeeping?

The answer to all of those is obviously yes, and now it’s all possible, thanks to Airbnb’s new Animal Experiences.

The home-sharing company announced today that it has added Animal Experiences to its dossier of travel fun, available to book across 1,000 cities worldwide. That means that when you’re planning a vacation in Spain, you can make time to canoodle with a donkey or two, or if you’re heading to Costa Rica, you can book a macaw-watching trip along with your Airbnb, or if you’re on a work trip to L.A., you can carve out a little time to make friends with a rescue horse. These new Animal Experiences are the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new city or culture, or even have some local fun in your own town.  Read more here!